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Happy Birthday! Soy candle. Nothing says Happy Birthday to your favorite girl like a fun scented candle as a gift! Smells like Butter and Cream.

You Got it Girl! Soy candle. The lushness of green coconuts, fresh leaves, and tender fruit will make you feel as refresh as you would at a day at the spa. Smells like Coconut and Bamboo.

Get Shit Done! Soy candleJust take a breathe deep, roll up your sleeves, and twirl your hair into an *I mean business* topknot... you can boss this, babe! Smells like Blood Orange.

Currently Unbothered Soy candleThis ever so calming scent instills confidence and connection to your inner being grounding you to a stable foundation ...where you belong. Smells like Sea Salt & Sage.

Buttercream Vanilla Soy candle. It's a creamy, dreamy delight with smooth vanilla and metaphorical sprinkles on top smells like Buttercream, Sugar, Honey, and Vanilla.

Soy Candles 4oz each | Burn time is 30-35 hours

Made by: NaturalAnnieEssentials